Learning matters

The marketplace is shifting and let’s face it – paying lip service to our people function is no longer enough. Retention is challenging and the way we recruit is changing. How do we find the right people and most importantly, once we find them how do we keep them?



People want flexibility, growth and development at work and they don’t want to feel like just another employee. We’re living in the age of the free agent and we suspect that if you can look after your people, nurture their careers and help them to grow, everything else will take care of itself.

Training has always been something we have invested in for our people and we know that the 70-20-10 model (whereby people obtain 70 percent of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20 percent from interactions with others, and 10 percent from formal educational events), still has an important place in the way our employees learn. But there is a new paradigm in the workplace learning space.

Just-in-time, bite sized pieces of information and learning that occurs as we work is key in helping new employees ramp up more quickly, as well as allowing senior staff members to continue to learn and progress beyond their current roles.

On this platform we’re seeking to reinvigorate our ‘grow your own’ culture of next generation business leaders to help the business scale.

 Over the next twelve months, Eco Outdoor will move from standard employee reviews to a new concept called ‘progress plans’, which will ensure there is a path for learning and development for every member of the leadership team. This position is a flag in the ground for us to show we are thinking about our people, our culture and the vital role they play as we continue to grow and build an exciting future for the company and most importantly, for the people who work here.

“At the end of the day people are the heartland of the business. Besides product development they’re really the number one reason why people keep coming back to us so we need to invest appropriately to really take of our teams.” The next 12 months will see a slew of new people programs at Eco Outdoor including health + wellness, employee learning + development programs and activities aimed at getting employees to invest in their own relationships with each other as well as their clients.

From the library at our head office in Sydney which is crammed with a bunch of inspiring books to help shift people’s thinking sideways a little or the quarterly leadership conferences which force people to step up their game in a supportive leadership environment – We’re encouraging all our managers to make sure they keep up to date with the latest thinking and that we really instill a growth mindset into our people. At the end of the day if we want people to think and work differently, to grow and achieve with us then we have to provide the right environment for them to grow. We have to recognise the importance of investing in our most important asset: our people.


CFO to CEO: “What happens if we invest in our people and then they leave us?”

CEO to CFO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?