The Challenge


In teams you’ll be given:
20 spaghetti sticks
1 metre string
2 metres of tape
1 marshmellow
In your teams, you need to build the tallest structure measured from the table top surface to the top of the marshmallow. That means the structure cannot be suspended from a higher structure, like a chair, ceiling or chandelier.





"Leadership is about being in and out of the game . . . "

Walt Whitman

leadership requires that you

Get off the dancefloor and onto the balcony

Leadership is both active and reflective. We have to alternate between participating and observing. 

Although the principle might be easy to grasp, the practice is not. Rather than maintain perspective on the events that surround and involve us, we often get swept up by them. Consider the experience of dancing on a dance floor in contrast with standing on a balcony and watching other people dance. Engaged in the dance, it is nearly impossible to get a sense of the patterns made by everyone on the floor. Motion makes observation difficult. Indeed, we often get carried away by the dance. Our attention is captured by the music, our partner, and the need to sense the dancing space of others nearby to stay off their toes.

To discern the larger patterns on the dance floor – to see who is dancing with whom, in what groups, in what location. And who is sitting out which kind of dance – we have to stop and get to the balcony.

And you're done . . !

“. . .The only way you can gain both a clearer view of reality and some perspective on the bigger picture is by distancing yourself from the fray. . . .

But if you want to affect what is happening, you must return to the dance floor.”